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Victim speaks out

Backlit elderly woman

26 Mar Victim speaks out

A 79-year-old woman from Mid Sussex, became a victim of cybercrime in August 2015. She was called at home by a man who claimed he could get her some money back from a recent purchase: “He sounded very convincing and asked for details that gave him remote access to my laptop. He also wanted some credit card information so that the money could be paid back into my account.”

The victim gave the caller one credit card number and was then asked for another because she was told it didn’t work. Shortly afterwards she found a number of pornographic images had appeared on her computer with a message warning the police had been called and that she could be going to jail. All this time the man remained on the phone line:

When I saw the images I got very upset. He kept asking me for more money and when I refused he became very aggressive. By this stage I knew something was wrong and I just put the phone down and called the police.

Fortunately the victim’s cards were cancelled before money could be taken out of her account, but it was still a ‘horrible’ experience: “I did get very upset. I suffer with asthma and found it difficult to catch my breath when trying to explain what had happened to the officer.

“I blamed myself because I was gullible. It was a horrible experience but I won’t be taken in by a scam like this again.

“It has taught me a lesson and these days if I see a number I don’t recognise, I just don’t answer the phone.”