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Advice on what computer service fraud is and how to recognise it
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Software Service Fraud

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25 Mar Software Service Fraud

Thousands of pounds have been known to have been stolen from victims by this straight-forward fraud. In East Sussex there were 212 recorded crimes.

How it works:

A victim is called by a fraudster who claims to be from a software company, such as Microsoft, or a service provider, such as Talk Talk. There is often noise in the background which makes it sound like a legitimate call centre.

They claim that they are working to resolve an issue on the victim’s computer or laptop and convince them to allow remote access to their device. Once connected they will demand a fee for the service which is normally anywhere between £100 and £850.

As the victim has allowed remote access, they are able to monitor access to online bank or PayPal accounts, opening up even more opportunities to steal account and user details for further fraudulent acts.