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Best-selling crime writer Peter James supports campaign to tackle online fraud and cybercrime
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Peter James Exposed

Peter James with logo board

26 Mar Peter James Exposed

Well, it’s not everyday I agree to strip off for a photo shoot! Hopefully you haven’t been too shocked, but I’m glad you’re intrigued enough to visit the page because there’s a very good reason why I’m flashing the flesh.

I have worked very closely with Sussex Police over the years and have a tremendous amount of respect for the work the Force does in keeping our county safe. Whilst traditional crime fighting practices are still vital to maintain law and order, there is an increasing threat from cyber-enabled crime that needs to be addressed and we can all do our bit.

I have long been a fan of technology and actually co-founded an Internet Service Provider in the early nineties. I remember being horrified that within weeks of launching we were contacted by another force investigating one of our customers who it was believed had been downloading illegal images of children. Whilst that individual was successfully prosecuted it nevertheless highlighted to me that the fledgling world wide web was not just an ‘information superhighway’ but also a potential ‘digital dirt track’.

Even if we ourselves have not been victims of a crime such as burglary, we can empathise with the feelings of vulnerability and outrage having had our personal space violated. We therefore take preventative measures like ensuring windows and doors are locked and installing alarms.

These days however, our possessions can be taken at the click of a button and that is something that not everyone is aware of.

Smart phones and electronic tablets are commonplace items in our homes now; they make our lives so much easier. But looking inside someone’s computer is like looking into a person’s soul. From our social contacts to our bank details, even our internet search history can leave vital, virtual clues about who we are and that make us potentially more susceptible to cyber-enabled crime.

It is an incredibly difficult area to police, but I am proud to be able to support Sussex Police’s latest Cyber Enabled Crime campaign. By grabbing people’s attention we can raise awareness and encourage both individuals and companies to protect their privates.

Peter James